Cleopatra VII ( Born – 69 BC | Died – 30 BC )

She’s remembered as one of the most brilliant and alluring figures of antiquity, yet many of the details of her life are either unknown or clouded by myth. She was very beautiful it is said and recorder in history. However Cleopatra’s beauty wasn’t her biggest asset. In some records she appears or is portrayed as a debauncehed temptress who used her sex appeal to accomplish her will. Politically she was someone to be reckoned with. She was quite the intellectual. She was a well educated woman, mathematics, philosophy, oratory, and astronomy. She spoke a dozen languages. She was a woman with authority and she was described as a person “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.”

For his part, the ancient writer Plutarch claimed that Cleopatra’s beauty was “not altogether incomparable,” and that it was instead her mellifluous speaking voice and “irresistible charm” that made her so desirable.

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