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The point and time comes where you know what beauty means to you.  When you are looking at photos on the internet of the most beautiful women, you have a set of criteria that you’re looking for.  That’s just how the human mind works.  So, the trick is to find a woman who meets all of those standards and surpasses them.  There are some in the world – many of which we admire – and Irina Shayk is certainly one of them that fits this definition

Irina Shayk has a lot to offer us in her beauty, and in her confidence.  There is a lot to be said about a woman who carries herself well.  Born on the 6th of January in 1986 in the USSR, she had two hard-working parents and an older sister that gave her a good upbringing.  When her father died while she was a teenager, her mother had to work two jobs in order to support the family.  Irina tried to go to school in marketing, but found that it wasn’t for her, so she enrolled in beauty school as well.

As you can imagine, looking at her figure, it wasn’t long before someone noticed her incredible beauty and recommended that she try out for the Miss Chelyabinsk 2004.  She did so, and won the competition.  From there she directed her thoughts and ideas to working as a model and quickly progressed into fame and fortune.

She started modelling for companies such as Sports Illustrated and Beach Bunny Swimwear, all names that are big in our world.  She became the official face of Intiminissi and then the brand ambassador in 2010.  She’s had her photos in several issues of Vogue and has worked for every lingerie company out there, including Victoria’s Secret.  So, what’s her secret to being so beautiful?  Let’s break it down and take a look at how it all comes together.

Her Walk

The first thing, about a model that you are going to notice is her walk.  Irina certainly has a great one that gives us the perfect opportunity to admire her look, her feel, and get a great appreciation for her outer beauty.  She has a stride that is equal parts sexy and confident, giving us a great experience in understanding just how ready she is to take over the world in a beautiful way.

You can be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you can’t strut your stuff in a way that isn’t too obvious about it, there’s no way for anyone to appreciate it.  It seems as though Irina was taught right from the beginning.

Her Charm

 A model or an actress has to have a certain level of charm when it comes to interacting with her fans and audience.  Irina has this in spades.  She holds herself well, she talks to the people she needs to with an air of compassion and intrigue.  She knows how to use her smile as a weapon, and does so with the understanding that it should be used for all good things including photoshoots (we’ll talk about that more in a minute).  She is used to charming an audience or a camera and does so with a sense of ease that makes us all get a little more confident just by watching her interact with it.  Grace and charm help us understand how her beauty is just so appealing.

Her Smile

This is definitely her biggest item to put out there.  Sure, she’s got a great figure without a doubt, but knowing how to work a smile and therefore a camera, that’s where a lot of the admiration comes from.

When you’re on the catwalk or at a photoshoot and getting ready to go out there and wow the crowd, you need to do so with a powerful smile that is all about reality.  That is, to be a beautiful woman, such as Irina, you need to make your smile work for you.  She does it perfectly with the great toss off between a real genuine smile and the confidence that goes into her walk and her body language.  A real smile is about encompassing everything that the body can offer and putting it out there for the world to see.

Irina has got a dazzling that shows off her great teeth, her fantastic confidence, and a wonderful body that really is something to marvel at.

Her Symmetry

As far as biology is concerned, we are programmed to like a certain kind of body when we think of our definition of the most beautiful woman.  Irina has this beautiful body, with the curves in all of the right spots and the right hourglass figure that we all look for when we are admiring figures in the magazines.  She’s got a symmetrical face and body that is pleasing to all of us at home, too.  She knows what she has to offer the world and she does so by using her fantastic shape to do so.

Her Attitude

Beauty is one thing and attitude is another.  When you pair them together you can get something that is pretty amazing.  Such is the case with Irina.  The fantastic beauty that you see when you admire one of her photoshoots is as much from her attitude and confidence as it is from her physical body.  To be a beautiful woman in this world today, you have to have the confidence and belief that you are beautiful.  From the start way back in 2004, Irina has never doubted her beauty, and it is incredible to see the things that she does with it.

There is a lot that goes into being the most beautiful woman, but Irina Shayk is someone that we can all admire for both her looks as well as the confidence that she shows when we see her most recent photoshoot in a magazine.  In order to enjoy all the beauty that she shows us, we can take a look at at how all of her aspects work together perfectly.


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